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Sales enablement

More "Yes" Less "Wait" With Nebula Renewable Marketing

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle and Get Your Prospects Excited to Say Yes!
  • Pre-sales Material
  • Proposal Design & Support
  • Post-Win Project Solutions
Streamline Your Sales Process
they say yes to you

Streamline Your Sales Process

We’ll build a sales process that prioritizes efficiency and makes it easy for your prospects to say yes. 

Your customers will get through your sales pipeline faster - and go from prospects to wins.

you get them excited

Accurately Reflect Your Value Proposition

We’ll help craft proposals that accurately reflect the value your business offers. 

Transform a lacking proposal into something your prospects can understand exactly what you’re offering and get excited about it. 

Reflect Your Value Proposition
Cut Down On Buyer's Remorse
You keep them happy

Cut Down On Buyer's Remorse

Make it easy for your new customers to feel they made a great choice.

What are you doing to make sure a won contract turns into returning business? Don't drop the ball right after you've done the hardwork of securing business. We'll help you find ways to create bridges so your customers feel connected.

Features & Benefits

Custom Proposals

Customized Proposals

Proposals that are tailored to the customer's needs and delivered quickly.

Keep Scope Creep Out

Decrease the risk of sales miscommunication due to clear, concise, and consistent proposals every time.


Proposals with Vector

Power-packed sales process with streamlined stages and automated reminders at every step.

Keep it Quick

Increased efficiency in closing deals in a shorter amount of time, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Make it Visual

Make it Visual

Creating ways to communicate the value your solutions are offering your customers through visual mediums.

Win the Future Yes

By communicating your value today, it cuts down on the justification for your future value you bring to your customers.

Is your sales process frictionless for your customers?

We don't work with those who don’t take a customer perspective when designing their sales process. 

If you think your customers deserve more than shoving a textbook disguised as a proposal, let’s make some time to chat.

You down?